My story began growing up in the Midwest as I was a Buckeye most of my life. My childhood included being involved in several sports which included everything from soccer and swimming to dance and softball. I actually spent most of my time traveling the country playing competitive travel softball but during the summer of 2015 found my love of golf. That love again brought out my competitive nature and included junior competition that eventually got me recognized at the collegiate level. In turn, the game brought me to play golf for The University of Miami. I love the game and likewise the social aspect that comes along with meeting people and making future connections. While I aspire to play professionally after college, My goal is to use my degree in business to further my career. I would love the opportunity to work and partner with more brands and help them grow !


"Making Waves with the Ruiz Family" is a new podcast hosted by John Ruiz Sr., Diana Diaz and myself. In this show, we discuss numerous of topics... from NIL, what it is like being a college athlete, and the differences in generations. We bring is special guests, ask questions and talk about the sacrifices they made for them to get to where they are today. MSP Recovery and Cigarette Racing Team are our proud sponsors. We plan to go live every week on LifeWallet's Twitter page.

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