ANother First Female!

APRIL 27, 2022

Breaking barriers and becoming a role model has been an aspiration of mine since I first entered athletics.  I played softball when I was younger..... baseball is typically a mans sport and when playing softball, it was clear to see, the tournaments were never held at venues like the baseball teams had.  Often too, we were playing softball on baseball fields with shortened fences and fields found in the middle of nowhere.  This trend continued into my current sport of golf.  The ladies almost never play on the 'nice courses' and often aren't even included in many tournaments or events.  I am beginning to see a change as these disparities are being recognized and I would like to continue that trend by supporting these efforts!

How many 'girls' can say they are 'part of a football podcast' and was picked to co-sponsor a primarily 'mans' sport?  That would be me!  Thank you Orange Bowl Boys for the opportunity and allowing a 'girls' voice to be part of the discussion.  I look forward to our partnership, growing the OBB Brand and learning a little more about yet another 'ball'!


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