I want to break that barrier......

february 22, 2022

WOW, just wow.   How NIL have propelled college athletes to grow personally and professionally.  And, yet another step toward being included in the conversation has begun!  I was graciously chosen as the 'first female' college athlete at The University Of Miami to partner with Lifewallet MSP, and Cigarette Racing Team.  A big thank you extended to Mr. John Ruiz for this opportunity and the challenges ahead as we maneuver uncharted waters.  Together, myself and fellow UM athletes will learn, grow and take on new opportunities as we partner with Lifewallet and Cigarette while using NIL and helping grow their respective brands.  I look forward to posting and opening up the discussion on how this new arena may provide additional inroads for females in college athletics.  I was even honored with an increase of responsibility and my respective contract was increased to accommodate those additional tasks.  I am so excited about what is ahead and the learning moments that are ahead.


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